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Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Anxiety Monster Part 2 - Going out the House

Another scenario with the anxious or stressed person - is you might be at the stage where you can't even go into a cafe or place with crowds of people - and your doc might say NO COFFEE!

This isn't a problem either - solutions might include, outdoor cafes or cafe's where you can get a hot/cold drink to go.

The basic idea of Coffee Drinker Networking is about meeting people in a relaxed way - its not an interview and you are not on trial - you are there to find out about somebody else's business and they are there to find out about yours!

A walk around a park or on the beach or some other public open space, where there are other people around are less threatening situations.

The less stressed/anxious person should be the person to go in and get the drinks or if you both get stuck, find a place with a vending machine or a local super market with a self service till - just get that drink! its part of a community activity you do with somebody else, its social, very basic, but not the easiest of things to do if you are feeling very unsocial through no fault of your own.

I am presuming you may have "triggers" for stress in certain face to face situations - if you use a ROBOT - as in an automated till, I have personally found it is less stressful on bad days, and it leaves you to focus on something else other than that immediate worry.

BTW Make sure you have read up all about your Company before you venture out, at least then you have something to talk about that raises awareness of who you promote - its easy to forget basic things, such as your catalogues or product samples when you are worrying about if you are going to trip over your shadow!