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Thursday, 13 November 2014

The #Anxiety Monster Part 5 Beware of the #JobCoach

Guess I should have seen this one coming, but sometimes I can get in such a relaxed mood that I don't see the black dog (depression) sneaking upon me, and it only takes one well meaning muppet to tip the carefully ordered, logical process of events into chaos.

In my case it was a Jobs Coach, somebody determined that I should push myself, in front of a class of people, it didn't end well... (she is still living and breathing!) but I was left feeling disorganised, stressed, anxious and depressed, which is not, motivated, inspired, positive and eager is it ?!

I guess I shouldn't have put myself in a vulnerable situation like that, as Job Coaches are there to do the breaking down of the spirit and building it back up again in the mould of the person looking for A JOB - the traditional type of job where you grovel and lie your butt off to an employer in order to get them to EMPLOY YOU and pay you a wage.

I forgot I'm not looking for a traditional job, I'm looking for one to pay my rent and fund my investment in a business that will take me away from the claws of creatures such as job coaches!

Beware of them - they aren't trained to deal with stressed people that have had disturbed lives - there is no way I could introduce my business to people like that, as there is a gaping hole where emotion should be - dragons den and x factor type judgements are NOT my thing, the job coach had forgot I am a human being with FEELINGS, their loss not mine :/

Being your own boss does mean compromise and getting out of your comfort zone, but not having a person tear down your order and replace it with BULL - no thanks, that is not freedom, that's jail!