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Monday, 10 November 2014

Random Blogage, Coffee and Cups

I do just like to get on one of my blogs occasionally and just ramble on about something, today its this blog.

And I have been thinking about how to use this place, the focus is.... its BRIT focused innit :-) hence I like going out for a coffee and learning about other people's business, networks they use, swapping intel, bit of gossip, bit of human talking offline that isn't your family type business, that doesn't have commitment, isn't a date or love interest, just a neutral coffee and chat sort of thing, that doesn't seem an unreasonable idea, but it's quite hard to express it.

...anywhoo other than that DXN thinking is getting organised.  I an thinking of adding an inventory to a page here to sell coffee related items in UK.

So I have my chosen coffee supplier - its not sold in shops and I like the brand logo.

I am thinking I should look for some coffee related gear I could sell, maybe do some youtube videos again?

one of those milk frothers, the electric ones, will have to look for them, and cups.

yeppy do, the coffee niche is not dead, not while live and breath!