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Note From Webmaster: I'm an Independent DXN Distributor - That Promotes Coffee and Ganoderma Products in the UK - if you are interested in the products/home business opportunity Contact Me Now and I'll send you details.


This website has several functions, and may give insight and solutions to several problems faced by Direct Sellers and Network Marketers, I use the analogy of a Jigsaw being put together to form a complete picture from the pieces.

The Subject I am focusing on is Anxiety Disorder as along with Stress, Panic Attacks and Social Phobia - they stop a lot of potentially GREAT Networkers, Distributors and Team Leaders fulfilling their potential due to FEAR - that fear is a very real one in the UK, with many days taken off work, and lots of Profits for business poured down the drain in sick days.

I firmly believe work should not be a punishment but something you look forward to, and want to get out of bed for - its a hard call I know, but people that can't function in the 9-5 alarm clock way of working, might find another way of working which brings in money for the life style they want

In reality - survival may mean doing some salaried work - but for people that want to work for themselves, seek freedom, with the backing of a Strong Brand - I offer this option as a OPPORTUNITY for your brain to think about!

My main focus at COFFEEDRINKER is on New or Nervous Networkers that don't want to feel they are in a competition, or on the menu at a sharks feast!

This a natural approach, and my interpretation of that is, be nice, share some idea's, swap any promotional materials in a courteous manner, build a business friendship, a network, generated from online friendships.

Q: Are you wondering if I sell anything yet?

A: Yes I do, I'm a DXN Independent Distributor - I sell Lingzhi Coffee and other Ganoderma Products. I am also interested in social media, free photos, networking, arts & crafts, Jack Russell's and ebooks to name a few things.

Zara Lockwood

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